The dinner table is a conduit for lasting memories and soul-awakening experiences. Dundore and Heister is there to help you along this culinary journey-one that we hope is delightful, educational, and unforgettably delicious.

About Dundore & Heister

Dundore and Heister is a butcher shop specializing in whole animal butchery. It's nestled among the picturesque rolling hills of southeastern Pennsylvania, surrounded by lush greenery and sits atop of the area's richest and most fertile soil. The shop's surroundings help to cultivate the extraordinary products and unique experiences our customers deserve. That our skilled butchers are happy to provide.

Know Your Source

Through artisan butchery, Dundore and Heister proudly offers a gateway to the past, resurrecting an oft-forgotten artform and celebrating the provenance of local traditions. What results is a culture of craftsmanship. What's strengthened is the trust shared among customers, farmers, and purveyors. And what we end up with are the makings of transcendent meals.

Modernizing Pennsylvania Dutch Traditions

Here, there's an unwavering connection to a simpler way of life, such as the farm-to-table ethos and nose-to-tail philosophy fostered by Pennsylvania Dutch and the area's early settlers. To them, thoughtfully-prepared, down-to-earth meals shared among family, friends, and neighbors wasn't just a trend. Celebrating their community and local bounty was an integral part of everyday life.

Learn About Our Meats

Dundore & Heister's approach to butchery is imbued with the care, thoughtfulness, and craftsmanship of the Pennsylvania Dutch. From farm to kitchen and finally to table, there is a time-tested practice in place to nurture the premium taste and quality of the local bounty. We proudly carry on this tradition by upholding these basic tenets.

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