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While many things this year felt out of the ordinary, at least one thing has and always will stay true: our team's dedication to sourcing the highest quality meats and creating delicious recipes to feed your family, friends, and SOUL. 
We are especially proud to present our 2021 Thanksgiving menu — featuring the turkeys and hams that will take center stage on your table and the supporting cast of hand-crafted sides that make the meal complete. 
We are, as always, honored to be part of your holiday memories.

Thank you, The entire D&H team

Pennsylvania Turkeys

SMALL (10-15lbs.) • MEDIUM (15-20lbs.) • LARGE (20-24lbs.) 
Never Frozen • Locally Sourced
Uncooked • $6.95/lb

Glazed Applewood
Smoked Ham

ONE SIZE (3-6lbs.)
Boneless, Uncured, Brined with Fresh Herbs & Apples, Netted
Fully Cooked from Smoking • $12.95/lb.

PA Certified Organic
Whole Turkeys

ONE SIZE (14-16lbs.)
Final cost will be calculated based on the exact weight at checkout in your time window.
Uncooked.  $7.25 / lb.

Organic Pennsylvania
Turkey Breasts

ONE SIZE (7-10 lbs.)
Bone-In Breast
Uncooked • $8.95/lb.

Meat & Cheese

(8-10 people) • $75

Crisp Sweet Potato Praline

Local Cream & Butter Whipped Potatoes

Lemon Garlic Stewed Split Green Beans

Vegetable & Herb Bread Stuffing

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

with house smoked bacon

Conebella PA Farms Aged Cheddar Mac & Cheese

A Savory Souffle Corn Pudding

Braised Red Cabbage, Bacon & Quince

Local Honeycrisp Applesauce

The “REAL” Mincemeat Pie

( YES Beef!, raisins, currants, molasses, spices)

Cranberry Sauce

just a hint of orange

Pumpkin Pie Roll

Conshohocken Bakery Brioche Dinner Rolls

Homemade Turkey Pan Gravy

This holiday season, serve up memories

We're honored to be a part of your Thanksgiving table

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