Our Meats

Dundore & Heister’s approach to butchery is imbued with the care, thoughtfulness, and craftsmanship of the Pennsylvania Dutch. From farm to kitchen and finally to table, there is a time-tested practice in place to nurture the premium taste and quality of the local bounty. We proudly carry on this tradition by upholding these basic tenets.

The Holistic Approach

Happy animals yield healthier, tastier meat. And if we are what we eat, then surely pastured animals raised humanely, the way nature intended, is what’s best for our bodies.

The Collaborative Approach

Working alongside farmers as their trusted partner allows us to confidently answer customers’ questions about traceability and accountability.

The Flavor Approach

Our locally-sourced products help offer a sense of place and become canvases for the unique flavors that have shaped both modern and traditional Pennsylvania Dutch kitchens.

What we Offer

Dundore & Heister offers a variety of pasture-raised meats such as beef, chicken, lamb, and pork, in a wide array of cuts. Our offerings are a direct result of the dedication and craftsmanship of our farming partners and truly represent the finest our regions offers. Our meats are anti-biotic and hormone free and locally-raised, which gives our customers the peace of mind that they deserve.


From the Faux filet, an incredibly tender part of the chuck, to the Flanken, richly marbled thinly cut short ribs–these specialty cuts are among our standard beef offerings. What results are succulent steaks with a robust beefy flavor and a tender texture.


Our lamb selection includes only the most tender and tremendously flavorful cuts such as leg of lamb, boneless shoulder, English loin chop, and shank.


Our heritage breed pork represents why eating local is all about flavor. From the Boston butt, a versatile cut taken from the shoulder, to our savory chops, the rich marbling creates a flavor that cannot be beat. 


Pasture-raised or certified organic- our chickens are carefully selected for your cooking and eating pleasure. We also offer succulent rotisserie chickens that are brined, rubbed, and roasted in-house. 


As part of our whole animal ethos, we handcraft each sausage, utilizing only the best ingredients such as apricots, cumin, coriander and flavorful, lean trim from our pasture-rated animals. 

PA Farmhouse Cookery

As a testament to our mission of “Eating Like We Live Here,” we offer many unique local specialties including Hex Jerky, Hickory-Smoked Bacon, Scrapple, Liverwurst, Meat Pies and Bone Broth. 

Learn About Dundore and Heister

Through artisan butchery, Dundore and Heister proudly offers a gateway to the past, resurrecting an oft-forgotten artform and celebrating the provenance of local traditions. What results is a culture of craftsmanship. What transpires is a new culinary movement.

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